Tapestry Pink Gradient Flower Printed Origami Tote Bag

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Own this historic tapestry bag which can transport your mind to another time and place and reduce the stress of today's busy world. It combines an idea that is centuries old with a modern twist on materials and as always, the best quality in fabric printing.

While we call it the Origami tote, you can fold our origami crepe cloth into a tote bag, use it as an impromptu picnic blanket, a scarf, or the most beautiful present wrapping. That’s the beauty of it. Proudly made in Canada.



Durable yet drapable fabric
Made from 100% polyester heavy crepe

Professional Hardware
Our tote straps are made using heavy metal loops in gun metal black and finished with a pair of steel rivets.

Vegetarian Friendly
We went to great lengths to find a strap that feels like real leather but is vegetarian friendly. Choose from our 3 colour options; navy, black and brown.

Your choice of strap length
Choose from a standard or and extra long strap.



All-in-one picnic
Use your tote to carry your picnic...then use it as the picnic blanket!

Park play blanket
A handy blanket for your little ones for playtime in the park

Why not wear it? Use the heavy crepe fabric as a shawl or scarf when the weather turns.

Wrap it up
Your present will stand out wrapped in the printed tote fabric...and becomes a present in itself!



Vibrant print that will never fade with washing.
Machine or hand wash in cold water.
Hang to dry.

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