Crystal Suncatcher Hanging Prisms

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Bring positive vibes to any space with a beautiful Sun Catcher.

Raise your vibration as you see the rainbows and reflections of light around your room.

Experience peace and abundance as you gaze on your gorgeous new window decorations.

As you view the beauty that surrounds you, you’ll experience the beauty within.

Product Information:

Material: white crystal
Production process: Grinding
Category: Ornaments
Material source: man-made
Surface technology: polishing
Hanging form: hanging ornaments
Modeling: Geometry
Color: colorful beads
Purity: No. 1 length 31cm31g, No. 2 length 30cm22g, No. 3 length 26cm18g, No. 4 length 29cm24g, No. 5 length 25cm and weight 40g, No. 7 length 33cm28g, No. 8 length 35cm30g, No. 9 length 29cm16g, No. 10 length 35cm26g, No. 11 length 23cm weight 30g

Packing List:
Crystal wind chime x 5

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