Dragonfly Suncatcher Hanging Window Art

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Bring positive vibes to any space with a beautiful Sun Catcher.

Raise your vibration as you see the rainbows and reflections of light around your room.

Experience peace and abundance as you gaze on your gorgeous new window decorations.

As you view the beauty that surrounds you, you’ll experience the beauty within.


1. Unique dragonfly ornaments: Dragonflies are water creatures; they symbolize prosperity, purity, peace, changes in self-realization, and an understanding of psychological and emotional maturity. The dragonfly symbolizes a kind of change, the root of which lies in psychological and emotional maturity and an understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

2. Unusual rainbow: In the sun, like a rainbow maker, this crystal pendant will bloom its beauty. What you get is not only the rainbow captured by the crystal car pendant, but also the colorfulness of the pendant. Light spot. When direct sunlight hits the prism maker crystal sunbathing, you can see the beautiful rainbow maker prism on the walls, ceiling and floor. The dragonfly suncatcher creates unique visual effects.

3. Decoration: You can use these exquisite crystal prisms indoors and outdoors. Suitable for the windows, garden tree, porch, car, wedding, home, room decoration.

4. High-quality materials: Dragonfly made of high-quality materials, super shiny. The hanging crystal is strong and durable, not easy to be deformed, and has a long service life. The window crystal is cut into shapes at multiple angles to reflect light on each side of the window visor, and the visor with crystal forms a colorful scene.

5. Excellent gift choices: Great gifts for garden lovers, women, family and friends who like shiny items on birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.


Material: Alloy
Alloy type: zinc alloy
Process: Electroplating
Hanging form; hanging ornaments
Style: European
Modeling: animal
Decorative pattern: dragonfly
Size: 15*15cm

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